About Happy Haven Retrievers

We believe dogs are for loving.

Happy Haven Retriever puppies are born to love and to be loved. The puppies and their parents enjoy playing on our small family farm and interacting with family and friends. If you're looking for a companion in a Golden Retriever, we'd be honored to share one with you.

Our first Golden Retriever dog came to the farm eight years ago as a birthday gift to our youngest son, Jeriah. Lacey and Jeriah grew up as loyal friends on our family-owned produce farm. Lacey would often tag along or simply "hang out" with him. 

Whether he was enjoying a lazy summer afternoon or doing chores around the farm, Lacey was always there.

This photo of our family sitting around the firepit at night captures the affection between both of them.

Golden Retriever Friend

Would you like to give your child this kind of experience? You can!

When she was younger, Lacey gave birth to four litters and many of our Golden Retriever puppies are direct descendants of Lacey. Contact us about the possibility of adopting one for your family!