Looking for a Companion in a Golden Retriever?

Our Golden Retriever puppies come with health guarantees and plenty of loving care so that you can adopt with confidence.

Whether you're adopting a puppy for yourself or your kids, you understand the importance of choosing the right kind of dog and finding a responsible breeder to work with. Our experience with Golden Retrievers goes back eight years to when the first one joined our farm. We've made it our mission to provide healthy and happy puppies with others who share our love for this wonderful breed.

Strong Genetics

No dog should have to experience medical complications early in life because of careless breeding. We carefully select the parents of our puppies to help ensure the well-being of your new companion. We also guarantee the health of our puppies for one year.

Healthy Minds

Puppies need interaction with humans to develop social skills. We play with our puppies daily and practice ENS (early neurological stimulation), which is believed to improve the dog's ability to handle stress and overcome diseases later in life. In some studies, puppies handled with ENS protocol were more adventurous, more social, and better at problem-solving.

10 Reasons

to Fall in Love With a Golden Retriever

  • Social. They crave interaction with people and will reciprocate the attention you give them.
  • Intelligent. They learn quickly and are often trained to work as service animals.
  • Sensitive. They have a remarkable ability to sense and respond to human emotion.
  • Fun. They were born to play and will give you a reason to stay active. They learn games quickly and love water and the outdoors.
  • Friendly. They are conversation starters on the beach or at the parkā€”even strangers can't help falling in love with them.
  • Loyal. They like being with you all the time, filling a basic human need for companionship.
  • Obedient. They are easy to train and love to please their master.
  • Gentle. They generally get along with other pets and tend to watch out for children.
  • Quiet. If trained, they won't bark unnecessarily.
  • Adaptable. They thrive in both small spaces, such as apartments, and large living spaces.

Not sure if a Golden Retriever is a good fit for you? Contact us and we'll be happy to help you decide.

We believe dogs are for loving.

Our puppies and their parents enjoy playing on our small family farm and interacting with family and friends. If you're looking for a companion in a Golden Retriever, we'd be honored to share one with you.

Ready to pursue a companion in a Golden Retriever?

Life is short. Make yours happy with a puppy from Happy Haven Retrievers!